Women's Health

Pelvic Floor Pain

Among them are Pelvic Floor Pain, Osteoperosis/Osteopenia, and Incontinence. Please see the below sections for specific information on each of these women’s health issues.

Pelvic floor pain has different causes and occurs at various stages of a woman’s life. Since the pelvic floor is made up of both the muscles and organs in the abdominal and pelvic areas, there can be muscle spasms or pain in that region. 

Typical female pelvic pain diagnoses include Interstitial Cystitis,Vulvodynia, Coccygodynia and Dyspareunia.

Among the ways such pain is treated are manual therapy and/or biofeedback which involves placing electrodes in the area of the muscles to be treated. These painless electrodes send signals to a computer which analyzes the information being recorded.

Any weakness or tightness in the muscles can then be corrected by electrical stimulation and/or an exercise program designed by the therapist to specifically address the woman’s need to strengthen or relax the area.