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Fibromyalgia / Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain:

Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain are diagnoses frequently given to patients with chronic pain when test results for other problems are negative.

There is no specific test for these diagnoses other than tenderness of various points throughout the body. Often physical or emotional trauma can contribute to this type of extremely devastating and debilitating pain. Frequently doctors prescribe medications which may add to the patient’s general malaise, fatigue or depression. This type of pain is often under treated or treated inappropriately with medication because the patient does not “look” sick. 

How does Seabreeze Physical Therapy address this difficult problem?

On the first visit to Seabreeze Physical Therapy each patient receives an extensive evaluation to address all  pain issues and determine all contributing factors. There are often postural issues, muscle imbalances and or misalignment issues that need to be identified.

After a thorough intake process by our caring therapists these issues are addressed with a combination of unique stabilization, strengthening and flexibility exercises designed to minimize the dysfunction.

Each patient is taught how to manage pain through various pain relieving modalities including infrared light therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and manual therapy.

Manual therapy includes myofascial massage to the areas of pain and muscle spasms as well as mobilization of joints for increased mobility. Treatment begins in the comfort of one of our private treatment rooms for pain relief; and progresses to our fully equipped gym to help strengthen muscles in a comfortable and controlled environment.