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Top Reasons Why Prescription Canada Drugs Are Cheaper than US Drugs

Everyone knows that Canada drugs are cheaper compared to prescriptions drugs sold in the United States. However, not many people know the reasons why a Canada pharmacy can afford to offer cheaper medicines to consumers.

First of all, the prices of medicines sold online are generally cheaper because Internet drug stores have fewer overhead costs. The savings they get are usually converted to lower prices of medicines. But if you compare the prices offered by Internet based pharmacies across different territories, you will notice that Canadian drug stores still have the edge when it comes to competitive pricing.

For starters, you have to consider the fact that the Canadian dollar is weaker compared to the US dollar. The lower conversion rates can influence the cost of Canada drugs. So if you are a US citizen, you will definitely have more buying power than an average Canadian citizen. In other words, the prices of products manufactured in Canada would seem cheaper to you. This is one reason why a typical Canadian pharmacy can offer seemingly lower prices compared to its US competitors. This is an advantage for consumers because they can buy cheaper prescription medicines.

Another big reason why Canada drugs are generally cheaper is the institutionalized price control being implemented by the Canadian government. In Canada, the prices of drugs and prescriptions medicines are highly regulated and controlled. This policy reflects positively on the cost of medicines offered by a typical Canada pharmacy. The cost would be lower online because of additional mitigating factors. In the United States, the cost of medicines is dictated by market forces. This means that the prices are generally influenced by market behavior. But because the market is deregulated, drug companies are free to set their own prices. In a way, this policy contributes greatly to the higher retail price of US drugs.

And lastly, an online Canada pharmacy can offer substantially cheaper prices because generic drugs in the country are widely available. Generic prescription medicines in Canada are promoted heavily. This kind of policy depresses the general price index of Canada drugs. It is also the reason why you can easily find cheap prescription medicines from an online pharmacy in Canada. In comparison, the generic market in the United States is not fully developed. The drug market in the US is largely dominated by branded products. So consumers have no choice but to buy expensive medications.

If you are looking for cheaper prescription drugs, all you need to do is to buy from a Canadian online pharmacy. Take note that the drugs manufactured in Canada also follow international standards. Drug companies in the country subject their products through rigorous quality control. So there is no worry if you buy Canadian made drugs. In fact, you can find a wide variety of prescription medicines from a Canadian pharmacy. That is because a Canada pharmacy provides generic options for consumers. Of course, if you are going to buy drugs from a Canadian pharmacy, you need to show your doctor’s prescription. This is a requirement so that you can get your medicines.