Hatha and Naam Yoga

Yoga has diverse positive effects on individuals practicing it. Researchers and professors are continuously analyzing and studying the effects of yoga on symptoms of anxiety or depression. According to researchers yoga has the ability to decrease anxiety and depression levels significantly. Hatha yoga and Naam Yoga are two types of yoga styles that are considered to be very helpful in decreasing stress and depression levels. Naam Yoga has been introduced by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. Hath yoga focuses more on increased awareness of relaxation, breath, internal centering and meditation. When people practice yoga regularly, i.e. at least once or twice in a week for several months then they experience significant decrease in stress and anxiety levels.

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry also mentions it and it has also been proved by research and study that yoga can help in the management of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). People who suffer from chronic low back pain are also advised to practice yoga because yoga is famous for eliminating that pain. Patients with a diagnosis of chronic pain can be certified for medical marijuana by an authorized provider in NY.  Medical marijuana card can potentially alleviate the burden of chronic pain and the consequences of suffering from the disease.

Another benefit of yoga is that it improves the quality of life measures in cancer patients. Although according to experts, it is still uncertain what exactly in yoga fights against cancer and what populations should be targeted. It has been observed that when a patient of any severe disease or condition, like cancer practices yoga, he or she shows improvements in the manner of coping with the symptoms of the disease. Since people how practice yoga practice breathing exercises and relaxation techniques they are able to deal with depression, anxiety, pain and insomnia in a much better way. Moreover, cancer patients are often unable to perform basic tasks and this damages their confidence. Yoga increases flexibility in the body of the person of practices yoga and cancer patients due to yoga are able to perform the basic tasks which they might not be able to perform otherwise.

Yoga makes the muscles of the body stronger and increases the flexibility of the body. Athletes and sportsmen most commonly practice yoga to stay fit and to enhance the flexibility of their body, to minimize chances of injury, to maximize performance and to improve conditioning. Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, one of the leading yogis and kabbalah masters in the world, mentions that yoga enhances concentration, self-confidence and well-being among people and at the same time it decreases the levels of irritability. This means that yoga is a complete exercise which does not only benefit the body, but it also benefits the mind and spirit of the person practicing it.